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Immune modulator

Our product

Our leading product is "IM-1" - a real immunomodulator which has a wide range of applications. 


The main effect of IM-1 – is modulation of the immune system at the cellular level, and therefore the immunity of the patient manufactures a complete "reset", becomes activated and acquires the opportunity to fight the disease afflicting the body.


Therefore IM-1 significantly raises the immune status with most of diseases associated with immune system disorders, which causes its effectiveness in the fight against diseases not only infectious nature, but mostly - with autoimmune diseases.


IM-1 has incredible low toxicity and owerhelming high efficiency. It was scientifically proved that IM-1 is well tolerated by the patients and practically has no side effects even during the extended periods of application. The use of the drug IM-1 in postoperative patients has proved its direct effect on the rate of wound healing, as well as adaptation after surgery.

Application fields

IM-1 has unique properties capable to make breakthrough in treatment of different diseases caused by immune imbalance, including:


  • Variety of dermatological diseases,

  • Restoration of immunity of patience with cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, tuberculosis and other;

  • The overwhelming clinical effect while treatment of autoimmune diseases, including: spondillita, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, etc. 

  • Prevention and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

IM-1 operates as a single agent to modulate the immune system, and in the combined therapy with chemotherapy, steroids, antibiotics, etc., which fall down the immune status.


Helping the body help itself by optimising the immune system - that is how IM-1 works as a real immunomodulator.                 



R&D key facts
  • IM-1 is an original chemical compound.​

  • The drug stimulates synthesis of ribonucleic acid (RNA) that promoted strengthening of the specific function of lymphocytes, and thus stimulation of protective reactions of an organism in connection with stregthening of the immune response in human and pets.

  • It is necessary to note that the drug increases absolute and relative response (the quantity of antibody-forming cells per a million nuclea-forming cells) without any increase of nuclea-forming cells.

  • Overwhelming low toxicity.

  • Long-term use is available without side effects.

  • The drug has the whole spectrum of immunomodulating activities and significantly raises the immune status of patients.

  • Wide range of applications.

  • IM-1 is effective in treatment of patients who are resistant to treatment with currently existing drugs.   

  • Low production cost.​

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