Breakthrough In The World Immunology

About us


Megimmuno Swiss Pharmaceutical Technologies SA is focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative immunomodulators for treatment of a broad range of diseases caused by immune imbalance.


Worldwide there is huge unmet need and increasing demand for effective and non-toxic immune modulators. Our Team aims to commercialise and bring its proprietary immune system modulator to the market in order to improve the quality of live and to extend life expectancy of patients ...

Our product


As the result of long-term R&D 

efforts was created the new

effective modifier of the

immune system - drug

"IM-1", which has a wide

range of applications.


The main effect of IM-1 – is modulation of the immune system at the cellular level.


Thanks to its unique properties IM-1 has all the prerequisites to become a new blockbuster in the immunomodulators market.


Market opportunities


Immunomodulators are becoming very popular in the worldwide health industry as people start to realize the importance of a healthy immune system in the maintenance of health and the prevention and recovery of disease.


This leads to a significant raise of interest to new immunomodulation technologies and drugs from the side of big pharma as well as new developing pharmaceutical companies.


The global market of immune modulators is estimated to reach $259.3 billion in 2017.