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About us

Megimmuno Swiss Pharmaceutical Technologies SA is focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative immunomodulators for treatment of a broad range of diseases caused by immune imbalance.


Founded in Switzerland and based in Canton de Vaud, Megimmuno is operating as biopharmaceutical company, striving to achieve our goal of commercialising of IM-1 in order to make breakthrough in the world immunological treatment.


Worldwide there is huge unmet need and increasing demand for effective and non-toxic immune modulators. Our Team aims to commercialise and bring its proprietary immune system modulator to the market in order to improve the quality of live and to extend life expectancy of patients worlwide.

Advisory board


Megimmuno advisory board provides guidance for our company, evaluating the most promising lines of studies and most suitable fields of market applications of our outstanding compounds in the field of immune modulation and correction. Their input ensures that R&D studies are allocated to most promising immunotherapy directions in relevant market segments and will likely lead to successful commercialisation.


Dr Bernhard Ryffel, MD, PhD, Prof.

Bernhard Ryffel is currently research director at CNRS in the laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Embryology in Orleans, France and Professor and Head of Department of Immunology, University of Cape Town, RSA. Toward a strong experience in experimental inflammation and infectious models, his main current areas of research are immunopharmacology, inflammation and infectious diseases (tuberculosis, influenza, malaria, sepsis).

Rene Moser, MD, CEO at IBR

Rene Moser is CEO, CSO at IBR Inc., Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research (IBR), a Swiss GLP-compliant contract research organization founded in 1998. Rene is outstanding specialist in chronic inflammatory diseases, cellular immunology and laboratory technology. With a core competence in inflammation research IBR provides bioanalytical services for preclinical and clinical studies to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. With the profound background of a GLP-compliant test facility IBR develops tailored software modules dedicated to quality managed laboratories. 

Business strategy


In order to reduce cost and timing of project commercialization process we made the decision to bring IM-1 to the market for new technologies for veterinary medicines and animal health products (instead of human pharmaceutical market). 


The animal drugs sector is estimated to represent a global market of $22 billion and  expected to grow at 5.7% compound annual growth, faster than the market for human medicines. While it is smaller than the human drugs market, there is also a much lower cost of entry, allowing drugs to be developed and brought to market faster, cheaper and with higher margins than those enjoyed by Big Pharma.



We are interested in collaborating with Institutes and authorized private laboratories in order to proceed with GLP studies and certification procedures as the final step before project commercialization. 


We plan to proceed preclinical GLP drug studies in authorised European laboratories, including specific trials on models in order to prove all the advantageus properties of IM-1. 

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